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Any significant drop or raise in population would dramatically change the state of the economy, and ultimately, the function of the market. If something simple, such as wheat, were to suddenly become scarce, the impact would be dramatic. Since wheat is used in such a great many other products, those products relying on wheat would also become scarce and would drive up costs and create different demand. It would also be devastating for an economy that relied on the sale or trade of good that require wheat but cannot produce wheat themselves. I realized it’s much simpler to evaluate the world as a series of systems when attempting to figure out how the world interacts rather than trying to understand how they all function at once.

According to the film, Anthropocene is defined as “Humankind acting as the most important geological agent”.Stratigraphy tells us that humans are changing the future because the way we contribute to the earth. While humans have made positive contributions to resources such as conservation for animals and natural areas, and the use of alternative energy sources, humans also contribute negatively, through the use of fossil fuels, plastics, and unsafe dumping of waste and chemicals.

James Watt’s creation of the steam engine and the use of coal as fuel and power can be seen as an innovation, an invention to improve productivity and efficiency. However, this invention forever altered the earth by putting harmful chemicals into the environment. Thinking deeply about how I go through the day, with the use of my daily items and routine and how the world has evolved to make the use of these devices, chemicals, and how we consume food and goods, makes me worried for the future. Will humans continue to prioritize the pursuit of efficiency and consumption, or will we start to value our resources and consider how we are impacting the future of our earth and longevity? Perhaps through the use of systems and how they are all connected and rely on one another, we will be more mindful of doing our part, even in small ways, because it will contribute positively to the conservation of our resources.

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