Systems Thinking

A Living System at Each Level

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Each component of the global food system depends on a healthy planet. What is a healthy planet? It is not just the absence of air pollution, global warming, landfills, deforestation, oil spills, etc. A healthy planet, and therefore a healthy global...Read More »

Urban Farming: a Viable Solution

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One of the most promising possible solutions to an increasingly at-risk world food system is the concept of urban farming. Already a popular initiative and social movement in many cities, urban farming brings people closer to their food and vice versa....Read More »

Contemplating Climate Complexity

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The people that will suffer the most by climate change will have had the least to do with causing it… that is a truly disappointing and sad reality. It is difficult to think about how to place myself within that spectrum...Read More »

Pondering Broken Systems

The unsustainable course of human evolution over the past century and a half has been driven on by an overarching, undeniable domination of market mentality that pervades all areas of life, including the stuff of our very sustenance: food. The expectation, or even faith, that a market...Read More »

Think & Act Globally

“There will be 219,000 people at the dinner table tonight who were not there last night— many of them with empty plates.” – L.R. Brown1

Think about that for a minute… Every single day on average there are more than two hundred thousand more mouths to feed...Read More »

Eat, Buy, and Farm Local

Local and large-scale farmers in America are suffering to keep up with big industry prices as a result of large corporations keeping market produce prices extremely low. To aid farmers who do not have the ability to sell at these low prices, there needs to be a change in the...Read More »

The definition of order, and buying bread


One of the most interesting parts of this week’s readings was the video on order. The video described order as the less information it takes to describe something the more ordered it is. For example, in the video there are two metal bars one hot and one cold....Read More »

Reductionist Science in Nutritionism

In analyzing this week’s materials what stands out the most for me is the concept and practice of reductionist science in nutritionism. While I recognize in myself a belief and/or trust in science and it’s processes, I am concerned about the limited nature of reductionist science, or the breaking down...Read More »