Soil and Water

A Living System at Each Level

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Each component of the global food system depends on a healthy planet. What is a healthy planet? It is not just the absence of air pollution, global warming, landfills, deforestation, oil spills, etc. A healthy planet, and therefore a healthy global...Read More »

Making Aquaculture Sustainable…


“Aquaculture is a rapidly growing, highly valued and extremely important sector of the seafood industry. It is predicted that by 2030 it will account for more than 60% of global seafood production” (Dowle et al.).

There are two basic forms of aquaculture, extensive systems and intensive systems.  Extensive systems are powered...Read More »

Living Life

I wish I spent more time in the dirt. I had spring-time dreams of generating enough greens to supplement my diet and quickly realized the many lessons of the soil I had yet to learn. The earth I put in my little garden is still new to me and I...Read More »

Dirty Words

We all know and maybe even use some dirty words.Typically these expletives are used in reaction to pain or frustration, to emphasize a point. Then there is the crowd for which dirty words are such a natural part of the way they speak, they’re hardly aware the words...Read More »

The Sanctity of Water


Water is essential to every living being and water can heal. This is the idea that I have embraced because of how it acts as a means of cleansing our bodies and providing us with clarity. The nature of water is that whether...Read More »

The Beauty of Dirt

It turns out that soil is way more beautiful than we think and is even linked to issues of veganism. I realized how little I think about soil and what it is composed of- in fact, I didn’t even know exactly what soil is. It was just something that I...Read More »

The Cost of Cows

To function effectively, landscape governance ought to consider the whole system, which would account for the ecological impact and food sustenance needs. There is much profit to be found in land. Cash crops offer huge profits that are motivating a change in land investment and moving large corporations into the...Read More »

Soil as a Living System


What if I told you that soil was not lifeless dirt, but home to an entire microbial ecosystem? Now, what if I told you these microbes were the key to improving soil quality and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?...Read More »

Systems of Balance

The ancient wisdom presented by Anupam Mishra his TED Talk showcased a number of things. Not least of those is the contrast in thinking between the time tested solutions that still work, that were designed and built on the foundation of community, and the money grubbing greed that...Read More »

Water is the new Oil

Water is the new oil…meaning that moving forward conflicts over resources will concern water.  The finite amount of water, growing world population and continued climate change will force us to make some tough decisions in the near future.  One of these tough decisions involves poppy farmers in Afghanistan.  It is...Read More »