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Hunger as a Failure of Human Decency

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Peter Menziel’s Hungry Planet Gallery synthesizes culture surrounding food and family life in a way that words themselves typically would fail to do. For one thing, the US gallery should be a lesson in excess. One can easily see the massive influence of corporate America by simply following along with the typical family of four’s excursion to the grocery store… Read more »

Insights on a Hungry Planet

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(source:​ Our world is filled with various cultures and each culture has cuisine that is a representative of their norms, behaviors, and other feat that would mark how one might consume food. In my paper, I compared the food of a US family and that of a Bhutanese family. In the US family, there was an abundance of imported… Read more »

Processed Food for a Hungry Planet

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In Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, Peter Menzel captures the effects of our changing world in ways that words cannot. Significant cultural and economic patterns emerge throughout the collection of photographs. Industrialization, globalization, and international trade continue to influence culture, food practices, health, and consumption behavior at the local level. The effects of globalization among families in affluent countries… Read more »

What’s for Dinner?

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            The families in the photographs shared by Menzel demonstrated not only the cultural differences between the Norwegian and Guatemalan families, but most especially the disparity in the environment around them. The political and ecological differences between Norway and Guatemala are stark. Norway experiences regular seasons, but Guatemala is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. These… Read more »

Hungry Planet – Australia and Chad

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After comparing families from Chad and Australia I found that the people in the developing country of Chad are “starving because the policy structures that defended rural livelihoods, and access to resources and markets, and hence entitlements and incomes, are being systematically dismantled by structural adjustment programmes, driven by the World Bank, and by WTO rules imposing trade liberalization” (Shiva)…. Read more »

Hungry Planet: A Comparison of Diets in Chad and the United States

In his photographic essay Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, Peter Menzel provides an intimate look at what families around the world eat. Of the many places featured, two countries stand out in particular: Chad and the United States. In Chad, refugee families subsist on rations of various grains provided by the World Food Program. Families pose by large bags… Read more »

Hungry Planet

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    The modern world is divided economically into the global north and global south, or simply put, developed and developing nations. Due to the economic inequalities between developed and developing countries, there are vast disparities in the daily lives of the citizens of France for example, and those who call Chad home. While families in France visit a local market… Read more »

Hungry Planet – Chad and France

  While looking through the Hungry Planet gallery for my two chosen countries, Chad and France, the differences were striking. It’s hard to overstate how different the two countries seem just from a gallery of a few pictures. The families in Chad had a sad, dreary, pain-ridden tone that was evident for a number of different reasons. The facilities were minimal… Read more »

Hungry Planet

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While reviewing Peter Menzel’s photographic essay “Hungry Planet”, I was struck by the dramatic differences in food culture between developing and affluent countries.  For my paper, I wanted to find two countries that unparalleled each other.  One of the countries I chose for my paper was Chad, a country that is extremely under developed and is facing a food crisis… Read more »

Is Guatemala stuck in poverty?

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Guatemalans’ inability to break out of poverty is a direct relationship to the late 20th century global food and fuel price shocks that targeted the cost of imports that developing countries couldn’t keep up with (Clapp, 64). After the inflation of interest rates and import taxes on fuels in the 1970’s, the IMF and World Bank sought a remedy to… Read more »