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American’s and Their Food Consumption

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While food is clearly a crucial aspect of living, it seems that it has become so engrained into our (American’s) everyday lives that it is often not thought about in a deeper level. The role of food in our society and how it has, in a way, controlled our lives since the very beginning of our kind it quite thought… Read more »

Back to the farm

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What was my grandmother eating? This is the question posed by Michael Pollan’s book, and is a query I found myself investigating. For me, I transposed the question onto my grandfather, who grew up on a farm. This farm, on which the family subsisted throughout the Great Depression, allotted him a status as a young man that few in South… Read more »

Nutrition – Complex or Simple?

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For me, the biggest take away here is the vast amount of misinformation surrounding food and nutrition. We as a society are so wrapped up with the latest diet fads, all in an effort to lose weight quickly or look a certain way, and yet we don’t even realize by following that path, we’re basically feeding ourselves nonsensical artificial foods… Read more »

Blog Post 1

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During this week’s crash course in the industrialization of food there have been a few things that have given me pause to consider. I graduated high school at the age of 18, weighing 310 pounds, with absolutely zero idea of nutrition. Currently at 28 I stay around 215 pounds, and I am always trying to keep up to date with… Read more »