Contemplative Practices

Contemplating Climate Complexity

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The people that will suffer the most by climate change will have had the least to do with causing it… that is a truly disappointing and sad reality. It is difficult to think about how to place myself within that spectrum...Read More »

Do Your Part, Help Save The World


Climate Change is a heavily discussed and debated topic, especially in recent years. With terms frequently used throughout this course such as global warming, greenhouse gases, fuel emissions, and much more, it is clear that there is a serious problem occurring as I write this. While this topic is heavily...Read More »

Fossil Fuels and You

After reflecting on my connection and my relation to fossil fuels, I find that I feel like a tiny cog in the massive system that is highly stuck in its ways. Many scientists, engineers, and forward-thinkers have been working on alternative resources in order to slow the use of nonrenewable...Read More »

We All Share the Blame

Few people want to take responsibility for their actions that cause negative consequences and even fewer would want to take responsibility for someone else’s. Hearing that the U.S. alone emits four times the amount of greenhouse gasses compared to other countries is not something new to me and I have...Read More »

Sugar-coated: Your Politically, Economically, Globally Significant Grocery List

“Your food’s been around the world and I, I, I…” – Photo by Chef Michael

When we think of the types of exports that, in this modern 21st century day and age, significantly shape or change the course of a nation(s), food is not...Read More »

Eating a Chocolate

Unlike other assignments where I had to focus and concentrate, the contemplative practices were about taking a step back to see where I stand from the world. If I must pick one among all, the third lesson with the video clip of Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers was the most memorable...Read More »

If Chocolate Was Gone...

What would it be like if you never ate another piece of chocolate? Would your life be any less meaningful? Would you still be able to find happiness? Or would you not be able to continue living if you couldn’t stop at the convenience store to pick up your...Read More »

How We Take Exotic Foods for Granted

International trade allows us access to fruits, vegetables, spices, and much more from other countries around the world. There are so many foods in our markets, grocery stores, and restaurants that we take for granted. The number of resources, work, travel, etc. that goes into producing goods elsewhere and bringing them...Read More »

Breath and hunger

For me the contemplative practices have been a way to relax and think about myself in relation to the larger food system. While they have all given me something to think about, the one that had the most influence on me was the lesson 5 contemplative practice about...Read More »


Chocolate most commonly is found in dark, milk, and white varieties, each with its own unique flavor, and most people have their own preferences as to what they like best.  For me it’s all about milk chocolate, especially when it accompanies peanut butter, and that could be ice cream or the coveted Reese’s peanut butter cups.  Chocolate...Read More »

Thoughts on Raisins

At first thought, a raisin seems mostly like a forgettable, diminutive sort of food, and for most of the world that’s probably true. Interestingly though, there is an entire industry surrounding their cultivation that has been in existence for decades, with years upon years of marketing ploys and product placements...Read More »

Privileged Hunger

In wealthy countries like the U.S., hunger is not really something often brought up because it is not generally a life and death issue here. I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a household where fridges were almost always stocked and...Read More »

Blog Post 3 - Contemplative Practice, Hunger

I am no stranger to hunger. I have struggled alot during my life to control the impulses to eat, separating the actual hunger from the other emotional impulses.  This contemplative practice may serve to connect people to the feeling of hunger, as alot of people have forgotten what it truly...Read More »