Food Solutions

Urban Farming: a Viable Solution

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One of the most promising possible solutions to an increasingly at-risk world food system is the concept of urban farming. Already a popular initiative and social movement in many cities, urban farming brings people closer to their food and vice versa....Read More »

A Life of Embracing Vegetation

My research paper focused on finding a solution in mitigating the dependency on meat production in the global food production. The problem with animal agriculture is that it uses an enormous amount of our natural resources and creates a high level of greenhouse-gas emissions. Meat...Read More »

No Easy Way Out

I’ve gained many valuable insights in the process of researching the problem of food loss/waste and its possible solutions. First, I think the distinction between loss and waste needs to be understood to foster effective solutions. Waste is predominately what happens in wealthy countries while loss results from...Read More »

Bees - Are they really a big deal?


Honey bees are an essential part of agriculture and plant life in North America, being a major pollinator of everyday foods such as cranberries, blueberries, tomatoes, apples, and numerous other crops (Schuster). Without bees, we would be left without a key pollinator and without pollination, there would be no...Read More »

Doctored Meat.

My research paper has gained me alight of insight into the world of antibiotic use in meat, particular the negative effects it is having on antibiotic usefulness. The practice of using antibiotics as growth hormones causing bacteria to become resistant to the to level of antibiotics we ingest through eating...Read More »

The Benefits of Planting

Writing my research paper helped me to discover even further how important plants are to the environment and to each individual ecosystem. I never really gave much thought on how plants function differently when they are in their natural habitat versus when they are not. When plants are put into...Read More »