Contemplative Practices Save Lives

In my opinion, contemplative practices should be necessary in today’s academia, especially in political science classes. With this being my first political science class taken, these practices help me to digest the material by being present and feeling “in the moment”, for example, with the raisin. With the raisin sitting in my mouth while Professor Litfin read “A Raisin In The Sun” by Langston Hughes allowed me to appreciate how the raisin was made and what it went through to be able to get into my hands. I understood more fully industrialization, and how foods like raisins are made at such high yields because of all the technology and machinery that we have today.

The use of contemplative practices should be required at least once a quarter in every class for the students to better grasp the material and be able to be at one with the material. It can turn complicated ideas and information into something more understandable and you feel as if you can really grasp the material. I am thankful I took this class because it has opened my eyes to new ways of learning and has contributed to my knowledge immensely. Thank you Professor Litfin.

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