The Insecurity Around Food Security

Our collective action project had nothing but high hopes and good intentions, yet just as the world would have it, things did not work out as planned. Food security is a prevalent issue that does not only affect undeveloped countries. Our hopes for this project were to shed light on the problem of food security in the city of Seattle,… Read more »

The Ups and Downs of Group Projects

Though our group action project may not have been as grand or life-changing as we may have hoped for in the beginning, it was a (small) step in the right direction towards a conversation about food workers and their treatment. Alec, Katie, Shelby, Elena, and I had initially set out to make something of a mini-doc, and in honest reflection,… Read more »


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MEAT!! Through this project our group had one goal and that was meat. How meat affects our ecosystem, how meat affected our diets, and how meat affects everything. Through this exploration we as a group explored the harsh truth about cow meat in America, that it takes a whopping 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of ground beef,… Read more »

We Feed the World Documentary Screening

In order to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the global food trade, our group chose to screen a documentary for anyone that wanted to attend. The documentary we chose to show for our even was Erwin Wagenhofer’s 2005 documentary, ​We Feed the World, which focuses on the impacts of the industrial production of food and factory farming. Furthermore, our… Read more »

Final Takeaways: Contemplation and Complexity

I think the greatest takeaway from this past quarter is that our food system is really very complex and worth contemplating! This was the first quarter that I encountered systems thinking applied to any topic, and my learning about this way of thinking was reinforced by an overlap of this topic with my ENVIR 300 course (Analysis of Environmental Cases)…. Read more »

When You Try Your Best But You Don’t Succeed…

… and it’s all due to corporate greed. The rhyme was irresistible, but not inaccurate. While attempting to build our action project we started out with lofty goals, that were just short of realization. We were going to have UW Dining, a professor from the environmental studies department, a representative from Imperfect Produce and one from Starbucks feature on a… Read more »

TA: “How was your group action project?”

Pretty much the entire class: As opposed to taking my usual humorous approach to these blog posts, I believe it is best to impart some honest critique for future iterations of the group action project. The reality was that while well-meaning, the group action projects were not the most successful. While there was definitely a lack of motivation due to… Read more »

The trials and tribulations of the pollinators group

The goal of our final synthesis project was to coordinate and show the film Queen of the Sun on the HUB lawn and to have the UW bee keepers come and sell honey at our event. As it turned out, this became a harder task than the simplicity of showing a movie at college and this forced us to restructure… Read more »