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The Answer was in the Action

Every student in college has experienced some sort of group project where one person feels like they are doing most of the work, or simply experienced not the best group dynamics. Learning to be part of a group is a lesson in itself and teaches much more than the content of the project sometimes. Sometimes we get super lucky and… Read more »

Dried and Industrialized

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Imagine a raisin. Dry, wrinkled, brown, devoid of life and vigor. What was once a plump, robust grape is now a shriveled, mass-produced food product; a representation of the industrialized agricultural system of the modern world. As I held this microcosm of the industrialized food system on my tongue and closed my eyes, I began to think about how this… Read more »

Taking Time To Think About the Food We Eat

At the end of lecture one day, Professor Litfin gave a single raisin to each student to suck on as we learned about the lifetime of the seemingly simple food. From the time the grape was planted, to it being dried out and transported to stores, we thought about it all. For me, eating food is part of my daily… Read more »

Where’s the Beef, in the Freezer? An Objection to Pollan’s Diet of Frozen Steer With Purslane!

Since the 2017 fall quarter, my friends and I have been working out regularly at the IMA, putting in about 1-2 hours every day.  There, we often overhear conversations about fats, carbs, and proteins. We also talk about food a lot, and we never realized we acquired a different way of talking and thinking when it comes to food.  What… Read more »