i never liked raisins

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Walking into class with an empty stomach was an interesting practice for me because I try to regularly fast and meditate on my relationship with food and how this affects my relationship with myself and with others. However, contemplating in class, in a mass group of individuals, struck me as a unique experience in that l did not even know whom among my peers may be significantly less privileged than myself in their access to food. While the entire class seemed to be floating in the realization at the figurative and literal distances this raisin had traveled to reach our palms, actually eating the raisin could have been a menial activity to many while a precious moment to others.

I can sincerely say that I have rarely disliked any food I have tried. But growing up, I never liked raisins. I actively avoided the packs that my mother would buy and store in the fridge or cabinet. The wrinkly, sticky texture was not for me. However, only within the past year, I was particularly low on food and had only the raisins left at the bottom of a trail mix bag. I surrendered my weak preference to my hunger and finished the bag, and since then, I no longer have an aversion to raisins. Contemplation surely increases depth of awareness, but experience seems to be the long-lasting teacher.

Even in my fasting, I am more confident than not that I can break my fast whenever I please. Contemplating hunger is fascinating because I realized that even if I did not have my own resources to meet my needs, I have enough relationships with people whom I am confident would be willing to support me in such a situation. Privilege is ultimately the relationships that a person has access to.

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