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Bridging the Gap Between Food Waste and Security

Although hunger is often characterized through media to exist solely in developing nations, food security is an issue that plagues varying parts of the modern world, including King County and the University District. The idea of hunger is no stranger to the US, as an estimated 41 million people suffer from food insecure issues, 13 million of that being children…. Read more »

Chocolate, Cocoa, and Contemplation

Contemplative practices have been an interesting approach to understanding larger food systems. In particular, it has helped me understand food “culture” in America on a much deeper level. Food culture (and generally culture as well) in America is dominated by on the go, fast paced ideals. We want success, a beautiful body, and our good, healthy food and we want… Read more »

Food Diversity and Allergies

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Within his book, Pollan discusses how chronic diseases were “quickly acquired” by immigrants in America. This reminded me of an experience I had while living in Dubai, as it was only people from North America that were allergic to nuts. Within our expat community growing up, it became a ‘running joke’ to identify North American’s through their nut allergies. New… Read more »