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Food Waste: Uneaten Matters

Throughout this course, I have learned so much about how the food system correlates and intersects with politics and overall it was super interesting to learn about. Through my group’s action project on food waste, I have learned that the U.S “wastes, or loses, anywhere between 33 and 50% of all food that is produced annually (Carolan, 126). This is… Read more »

How Contemplative Practices and Farming Have Changed my Outlook on Food

As a daughter of immigrant parents who worked as farm hands and are now their own farmers, I have experienced issues of food scarcity and poverty. Looking back, I acknowledge how privileged I am to be where I am today. I am proud of where I came from and how I was brought up. Knowing that my parents overcame obstacles… Read more »

Nutritionism: The Dilemma Between Nutrition and Culture

As obesity has become a bigger and bigger issue in the United States, nutritionism has become an essential part of our food culture and diet. Nutritionism, while it provides us knowledge of the foods we are putting into our bodies, it can restrict the types of food we eat and thus take away the idea of food culture. Instead of… Read more »