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We Feed the World Documentary Screening

In order to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the global food trade, our group chose to screen a documentary for anyone that wanted to attend. The documentary we chose to show for our even was Erwin Wagenhofer’s 2005 documentary, ​We Feed the World, which focuses on the impacts of the industrial production of food and factory farming. Furthermore, our… Read more »

Tasting More Bitter Than Sweet

As part of a contemplative practice, I was offered cacao to taste as I watched a video on the way cacao was retrieved for the use of large western companies. The video exposed the exploitation of child labor in the Ivory coast and the harsh labor conditions of workers surrounding cacao production. As the video came to a close for… Read more »

the case in defense of food is not in defense of people

Throughout Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, Pollan presents a case in defense of food as he attempts to defend food from nutrition science and the food industry. He makes the claim that professional advice about what people should consume has resulted in the population becoming less healthy, and even goes as a far as to argue that the… Read more »