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When You Try Your Best But You Don’t Succeed…

… and it’s all due to corporate greed. The rhyme was irresistible, but not inaccurate. While attempting to build our action project we started out with lofty goals, that were just short of realization. We were going to have UW Dining, a professor from the environmental studies department, a representative from Imperfect Produce and one from Starbucks feature on a… Read more »

Western Diet: Frog or Fried?

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In his book, In Defense of Food, Michael Pollen identifies what he deems the “Western Diet” as a primary culprit for a myriad of America’s health concerns. While I can recognize the validity of some of Pollen’s issues with the American diet, grouping all “Western Diets” together is to paint the variety of cultures and diets in the west as… Read more »