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Reflections on Group Action

This action project was a learning experience for me and for my group. We began with the intention of affecting direct policy change through legislation aimed at legalizing hemp nationwide, but soon had to redirect our efforts after our first avenue ended up being impractical during the time period we were allocated. We chose hemp legalization as our issue of… Read more »

Thinking About Food

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Given humanity‚Äôs innate ties to food, as a cultural centerpiece, a custom or family tradition, and as the energy that sustains us, it has been helpful to me to explore an emotional approach to understanding the material covered in this course as a means of supplementing my logical and analytic understanding. Several of the contemplative practices we have conducted throughout… Read more »

We Continue to Destroy Our Sources of Food: Here’s one Reason Why

One of the most serious ecological crises the planet today is our species near total depletion of natural aquifers and arable land. Mass agricultural operations owned by the few large agribusiness companies that now dominate the industry have become major producers of the staple crops that represent the majority of calories consumed worldwide, and though large-scale production of these crops… Read more »