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Wasteland: Apples in the context of a linear model of industrial production

(see¬† for image cred) For our project, we chose the topic of food waste, and in particular apples in the Seattle area. We made a children’s game inspired by Candyland that showed the (linear) path an apple makes as it is grown, shipped, stocked, and eventually eaten by consumers. We called it “Wasteland.” It is mostly geared toward waste on… Read more »


      No Comments on chocolate

The contemplative practice on international trade, global inequities and chocolate stands out to me. I am a fan of chocolate. Less so of the fact that having the privilege to eat chocolate on a relatively frequent basis is one of the signs of the inequality in wealth that pervades the international system of trade, and the world in general. Readily… Read more »

Land Rights: will they solve the problem of linear and mechanical thinking?

What I find depressing and angering is the fact that defining land as property makes governments feel the need to control it, especially if, as Lester Brown discusses, a food crisis makes those without ownership of land vulnerable to economic instability and starvation. This puts most of the people who actually live and work on land at a disadvantage; when… Read more »