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Final Thoughts on the Quarter

Throughout this quarter we dealt with a ride range of topics, from palm oil, to food accessibility, to the American diet. Throughout all these different topics, the theme of systems and coordination persevered. Never did we learn about a topic that stood alone, instead, each topic flowed into one another and we uncovered the interconnectedness of even the smallest things…. Read more »

Contemplating Water as Political

Throughout the quarter we have been doing contemplative exercises centered around understanding deeper our connection to these issues as well as how they fit into the global puzzle. It is easy to learn about different political and activist issues; however, it is often difficult to connect them to everyday life. By having these contemplative exercise, as well as learning about… Read more »

Intersectional Politics in In Defense of Food

In his book In Defense of Food, Pollan plies readers with the advice to “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” (1). This highly simplistic advice is meant to be in contrast to Pollan’s critique to the overly complicated and every changing world of nutritionism. While Pollan’s offers an entertaining and at times informative commentary on the science and economy… Read more »