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Complications with Food Waste

Our group project was focused around food waste reduction. We decided to connect a restaurant with a shelter to donate food and therefore reduce their food waste at the end of the evening. The ultimate goal was to connect a restaurant with a shelter and start a continuous relationship, but we weren’t able to make that happen beyond the few… Read more »

What’s Behind a Raisin?

Most of the contemplative practices we’ve done in class have been insightful and useful to me. The most impactful one was the one where we had the raisins and were thinking about industrialized food. It helped to put food in perspective for me and think about how such a simple food could have so much processes and workers and miles… Read more »

How Fisheries are Related to Agriculture

I consider myself an environmentalist, and being an Environmental Studies student, the first thought that comes to mind when learning new topics is “how does it affect the environment”? This new topic is the world food system, and after having read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, it seems like there is a huge effect on the environment. There is… Read more »