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Group Action Project: Food Waste

For our group action project my group tackled the problems of food waste. Food waste starts at on the farm, where almost 7% (est 1.3 billion pounds/year which is about 1 trillion dollars in lost food/year) of all food that is grown goes unharvested (Foodtank). Next it is transported to markets, where it may go bad during transportation or while… Read more »

Bring back Grace?

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Bring back Grace? Could saying grace an OG form of mindful eating? Over the course of the class we have been doing intermittent mindful eating practices. During our last one, I was reminded of my childhood when we traditionally said Grace before meals (though we were a secular family).  This was a time when we came together, holding hands, smiling at… Read more »

Is Green Worth the Fuss?

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  Is Green Worth the Fuss? How can we incentivize people to overcome the collective action problem, stop free-riding and take action when the benefits are so long term and indirectly seen?  One common solution is to “vote with your wallet” and buy green or sustainable products whenever possible, even when making small purchasing decisions like buying a bottle of… Read more »