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The power of education and starting conversations

Up until this quarter, I had never taken a class that forced students to step outside of the classroom to complete an action project instead of simply writing about it. Many times, we are tasked with finding possible solutions that addresses one of the many problems that are occurring within our community. Yet, the reality is that implementing these solutions… Read more »

Reflections leading to better choices

I must admit; my first impression of contemplative practices was not the best. Possibly because I had never done anything like it during my time at the UW, but also because I had no idea what to expect. Yet after participating in a couple of them throughout the quarter, I began to realize the value behind them. Here in America,… Read more »

Barriers Towards a Healthy Solution

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Every day, whether it be in person or online, consumers are exposed to propaganda that affects their food choices. Alongside this, consumers are continually exposed to pieces of literature that judge certain eating habits, which have supposedly caused them to be more or less healthy. While this type of informal advice may be useful, there are certain flaws that have… Read more »