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Intentions Found in the Spaces Between

A delineation must be made between contemplative practice and contemplation of life.  To think that we don’t spend much of our lives contemplating our immediate situations is misguided.  Humans today are incessantly focused on themselves, their friends, money, careers, looks and trends. We contemplate how others see us, what grades we will need to achieve which goals, our lives are… Read more »

Is Condemning Planting Trees as Counterproductive as Driving Your Prius to Plant a Tree?

My mother and I would yell about the compost while I was growing up, quite literally scream at each other over an apple core.  But before that apple was bit into, eaten, and mistakenly sent to the landfill rather than our compost bin, the question was had I washed it or not?  Because “Yes Willa I always buy organic apples,… Read more »