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Food Deserts: A Local and Global Crisis

My action project group was the public health group. Personally, I chose this action project group because public health type work is almost the polar opposite of what I do on a day to day basis. However, despite starting the project with the mindset that my action project group would be challenging, I don’t think I was prepared for just… Read more »

Sweetly Savage: Inequality in the Chocolate Market

Life is like a box of chocolates. This might mean something to your average first world consumer but to cacao producers in Africa the saying has no context. If it’s not obvious by the title the contemplative practice I found the most helpful was the chocolate practice. The combination of having both raw cacao and a piece of chocolate itself… Read more »

Jevons Paradox and American Consumerism

I think a big point from lecture that was thought-provoking to me was the idea of metabolic rift. In particular the idea that because of how global, food consumption has become we have created imbalances in natural levels of nutrients/water from food producing countries by transporting nutrient rich foods to wealthier countries to be consumed. This cycle is countering the… Read more »