Engineering 100
syllabus grades teams instructors

Instructor:Wei-Chih Wang
Office: MEB 113 or 260
Phone: 206-543-2479 

Teaching Assistant: Tanner Hecherl


Lectures: MWF, 8:30-10:30 in The Learning Factory (ILF)

Grading (50% passing on each project)


Participation–Attendance, journal, projects


Daily Assignments–Name Tag and special project


Rube Goldberg Design


Electricity Assignment


Final Project


Weekly Design project–Extra Credit

(max ~10% of final grade)

Memorandum Requirements here

Download the Syllabus here.
Download Secure FTP here(4.8 Mb).
Download UWick Applications here.


Tentative Schedule:






M. Mar 28 Course Introduction & Ice Breaker Exercis(Spaghetti  water tower))

paper tower (extra credit)

Name Tag  
W. Mar 30 Introduction to Design and Teamwork

Engr100 Journal

Canon Ball 

(in class extra credit project)

F. April 1

Rube Goldberg Design: Introduction

Rube Goldberg Design: Presentation

Simple machines

Rube Goldberg gallery

previous quarter Rube Goldberg project examples

Another link to previous quarter projects interesting Rube Goldberg project

Energy Type Exercise Rube Goldberg Teams
M. April 4 Rube Goldberg: Brainstorm

Interesting Honda Example

Previous quarter RubeGoldnerg Projects

NXT tutorial (please make sure you go through this. If you finish this, you won't need to do this again in the robot project)  
W. April. 6 Rube Goldberg:  Proposal
F. April 8 Rube Goldberg: Prototype Construction   Rube Goldberg: Proposal (group)

Energy Types Assignment   (Individual)


M. April 11

Rube Goldberg: Prototype Construction

W. April 13

Rube Goldberg: Prototype Construction

more interesting Rube Goldberg videos:

music video

water calculator

F. April 15

Rube Goldberg: Prototype Construction


Name Tag Memo

Internal Memorandum sample


M. April 18

Rube Goldberg: Prototype Construction

Rube Goldberg: Oral Presentation
Oral Presentation tips

Poster presentation


Poster Example (Edit to fit your own poster.)  

W. April. 20

Rube Goldberg: Prototype Construction


Engineering Open house Schedule

(spring quarter only)  

F. April. 22

Rube Goldberg: Final presentation!!!

Rube Goldberg: Final report format  (group)


Engineering Open House

(spring quarter only) 

Rube Goldberg Evaluation Table for Teammates

Rube Goldberg: Oral Presentation (Group)

Rube Goldberg Scoring Sheet

Poster presentation


Engineering Open House (spring quarter only not this year)

M. April. 25 Basic Electricity

Basic Electricity Wiring

Electricity Wiring assignment

Conserving Electricity assignment 

W. April 27 Conserving Electricity    
F. April 29

Basic Electricity Wiring


Alternate project to electrical wiring

Engine Dissection :

Introduction to Engine Project
PowerPoint presentation
U of Windsor On-Line Manual
How things work
Power calculation template

M. May  2

Robotics Design: Introduction
Inventory and Training Reading package PDF


If using RCX for Robot project:


Info on RCX Code: PDF
NQC Software Download: NQC program
Tutorial for Robots using NQC PDF
Tips on how to use opcode programing word
Links to to available resources for NQC:
NQC API programmer's guide

RCXcc Homepage (NQC software)
RCX Internals (opcode references)
version 2.5 NQC (needed for opcodes)
RCX 2.0 firmware
SDK Software
Remote control programs for palm:
TV remote
LEGO remote
More information on opcode programing:
NQC Programming Notes
The Goldfish Online


RCX competition video!!!!

one more!!!


If using NXT and Labview for Robot project:

Project Description: PDF

Info on NXT Code: basic functions  and blockchart
Additional NXT-G Block commands PDF

tricks and additional NXT-G block commands PDF

Tutorial for Robots using NXC PDF
Tutorial for Robots using NI Labview PDF

LabVIEW NXT references

Additional Info on Sensors and Other Programming Languages PDF

NXTCamera and other Mindsensors installation related info PDF


Wii remote control NXT Competition video!!!!


Robot Course 

W.  May 4

Robotics Design: Gear Mechanics examples

Robotics Design: Sensors examples (NXT only)

F. May 6

Robotics Design: Construct a simple pathfinder

Examples from previous quarter


Construct a simple Pathfinder

Rube Goldberg: Final report format  (group)

Rube Goldberg Evaluation Table for Teammates (turn in along with your final report)

Referencing your work

cite references and create bibliographies using RefWorks in Microsoft Word


Electricity Wiring assignment  (group)

Conserving Electricity assignment (individual) 

Engine dissection assignment


(people doing engine dissection don't need to do the electrical wiring and conserving electricity assignment)


M. May 9 Robotics Design: Construct a simple pathfinder

NXT tutorial Assignment

(if use NXT program)

NXT NI LabVIEW tutorial Assignment (if use WII remote)  

W. May 11 Robotics Design: RCX Code Programming    
F. May 13 Robotics Design: Brainstorm and Design Design Specification (10%) Pathfinder Due (20%) assignment (group)
M. May 16      
W. May 18 Robotics Design: Construction and Testing Construction  
F. May 20 Career Presentation   Design Specification (10%) (group)
M. May 23 Robotics Design: Construction and Testing    
W. May 25

Robotics Design: Trial Runs


F. May 27

Robotics Design: Construction and Testing



M. May 30


Performance Test (NXT)

(extra credit)

Light sensor test 1(color)

                    test 2 (grey scale)


Performance Test (RCX)

(extra credit)


W. June 1

Robotics Design: Trial Runs

F. June 3

Robotics Design: Final Competition

Robotics Final Report (30%)

Competition Schedule

Robot Scoring (40%)

F. Mar. 18    

Robotics Final Report (30%)