LING 573 - Natural Language Processing Systems and Applications
Spring 2015

Days Time (P.M.) Classroom
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:50 ARC G070

Instructor Teaching Assistant
Name: Gina-Anne Levow Glenn Slayden
Email: levow at uw dot edu gslayden at uw dot edu
Office: Guggenheim 418D Guggenheim TA space
Office Hour: Fridays 12:30-1:30pm,
or by appointment
Fridays 11am-noon,
or Skype by appointment

Course description

This course examines building coherent systems to handle practical applications. Particular topics vary. This quarter we will focus on automatic summarization.

Course Resources


There is no required textbook for this course. However, you may find the following reference texts useful. Some good survey texts in this area are:

A number of published research articles will also provide background for the course. The articles are linked from the syllabus below, and the full citations are found in the reading list.



Course Mechanics

Additional detailed information on grading, collaboration, incompletes, etc.

Tentative schedule, subject to change without notice.
Date Topics Readings Assignment
Slides Adobe Connect
Week 1: March 31, April 2 Summarization: Intro
Course Structure
J&M 23.3-; [Sparck Jones, 2007] Deliverable #1 out: 4/1
Due April 7, 11:59 pm
March 31
April 2
April 7, 9 Evaluation & Resources
Exemplar Systems
Nenkova et al, 2007; Radev et al., 2004; Conroy et al. 2004 Deliverable #2 out (4/9) Systems & Evaluation
April 7
April 9
Week 3: April 14, 16 Content selection by
Classification, Graphs, and Discourse
Hong & Nenkova, 2014; Erkan & Radev, 2004;Louis et al., 2010   Graphs & HMMs
Supervision & Discourse
April 14
April 16
Week 4: April 21, 23 Topic Orientation & Information Ordering Otterbacher et al, 2005; Schilder et al, 2008 ; Barzilay et al, 2002 Deliverable #3 out Discourse & Topic
Topics & Ordering
April 21
April 23
Week 5: April 28, April 30 Deliverable #2 Presentations        
Week 6: May 5, 7 Information Ordering        
Week 7: May 12, 14 Content Realization   Deliverable #4 out    
Week 8: May 19, 21 Deliverable #3 Presentations        
Week 9: May 26, 28 Content Realization
Advanced Topics in Summarization
Week 10: June 2, 4 Final presentations