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Globalization – Blog Post 2

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During week two and three of the course we have reviewed many other topics from my others classes, such as view the world as a system (globalization) and the Anthropocene. However I believe this speaks to the importance that all social science, and indeed all of the humankind is connect on a global scale, and these connections will only continue… Read more »

What does the future bring for the development of the world food system?

What really stuck out to me the most in the lectures, was just how big of an impact industrial development and politics have on the distribution of food. Breaking things down and reading through the brief history of the food system really put it into perspective for me, and made me appreciate just how far the world has come in… Read more »

The Ripple Effect

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Having taken previous nutrition courses, and being someone who has spent the better part of my adult life as a vegetarian, I am cautious about what I consume, though admittedly, not as strict as I could be given what I know about the food I eat and its effects on the body. That being said, much of what was discussed… Read more »

Sometimes Simple Is Better

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Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food illustrates how the obsession with nutritional science has moved the Western diet into the wrong direction and has instead harmed the wellbeing of Americans alike. Pollan exposes the ideology of “creating and marketing all manners of new processed foods and permission for people to eat them,” demonstrating the food industry’s creativity in finding… Read more »