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Course End

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The final week of the class has addressed the topic of many things that I would have considered to be, “hippie stuff.” Before moving to Washington State back in ’09, I grew up in a poor white family living on government assistance, food was whatever came to the table, whatever the most that could be had with food stamps was…. Read more »

Doctored Meat.

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My research paper has gained me alight of insight into the world of antibiotic use in meat, particular the negative effects it is having on antibiotic usefulness. The practice of using antibiotics as growth hormones causing bacteria to become resistant to the to level of antibiotics we ingest through eating meat, and when we become sick, the antibiotics are not… Read more »

Water and Asia

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Lesson’s 8’s topic of water as a political entity was thought provoking, it also carried me back through the time I spent in Cambodia and Thailand. Riding down the Mekong in a rickety boat, hope it doesn’t flip….This week, it was mentioned that water can be a source of conflict, and power. In the example from the lesson, China built… Read more »

Blog Post 5

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I had to reach back to a few weeks ago to remember what lesson 5 was about and then I remembered the Ted Talk by Tristram Stuart titled the Global food Waste Scandal. During his talk he put in perspective the amount of food that we actually do waste. I always knew that we wasted food as a country, but… Read more »

Blog Post 4 – Difference in Chinese and Western Diets.

A major reason for the difference in the American diet, and the rural Chinese diet is the great disparity in wealth. The wealthier a nation is, the more complex their food supply chains become, capitalism forces the drive for cheap food. This is happens for a few reasons. First, the migration of developing nation’s population from rural areas to cities,… Read more »

Blog Post 3 – Contemplative Practice, Hunger

I am no stranger to hunger. I have struggled alot during my life to control the impulses to eat, separating the actual hunger from the other emotional impulses.  This contemplative practice may serve to connect people to the feeling of hunger, as alot of people have forgotten what it truly feels like. But even then, that is up to personal… Read more »

Globalization – Blog Post 2

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During week two and three of the course we have reviewed many other topics from my others classes, such as view the world as a system (globalization) and the Anthropocene. However I believe this speaks to the importance that all social science, and indeed all of the humankind is connect on a global scale, and these connections will only continue… Read more »

Blog Post 1

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During this week’s crash course in the industrialization of food there have been a few things that have given me pause to consider. I graduated high school at the age of 18, weighing 310 pounds, with absolutely zero idea of nutrition. Currently at 28 I stay around 215 pounds, and I am always trying to keep up to date with… Read more »