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Alternatives to Structural Adjustment Programs

  Agriculture, value added (% of GDP). (n.d.). Retrieved August 19, 2017, from For me the greatest insight from my research is how developing countries can fight back against SAP’s. My research focused on Kenya where the agriculture had been successful for two decades after independence. However, since Kenya was one of the first countries to agree to SAP’s… Read more »

The Pacific NorthWest a Haven from Climate Change?

  “North Cascades.” Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, USDA Forest Service. Looking back on the lesson 7 contemplative practice on climate complexity I was at first kind of glad to be living in the Pacific NorthWest. As we saw in one of the slides the pacific north west will have increased agriculture production because of climate change. However, I quickly realized… Read more »

Thoughts on Water

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“Euphrates River Map.” Euphrates River Map, The Bible Study Site, For me, the most interesting themes of this week revolved around water. I was surprised to find how much the political ecology of water can affect different groups. I think the common thought is that water is so plentiful that there is no reason for conflict or differing access to… Read more »

Thoughts on Food Waste

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Kwak-Hefferan, Elisabeth. “Spoil Sport: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dumpster.” Grist, 5 Nov. 2012, For me the most interesting topic discussed this week was the TED talk about food waste. It tied in well with other course work we have read. For example, Stuart in the talk asked the audience how many of them did not… Read more »

Blog 4 English and Guatemalan Diets

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Blog post 4 on hungry planet paper For my paper, I chose images 16 and 18 with a Guatemalan family and an English family. The main difference between the two was that the English family had a diet high in processed food, but had variety, almost nothing was purchased in bulk. For the Guatemalan family, they had a diet high… Read more »

Breath and hunger

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For me the contemplative practices have been a way to relax and think about myself in relation to the larger food system. While they have all given me something to think about, the one that had the most influence on me was the lesson 5 contemplative practice about feeling hunger. I, like many Americans have never been truly hungry. By… Read more »

The definition of order, and buying bread

  One of the most interesting parts of this week’s readings was the video on order. The video described order as the less information it takes to describe something the more ordered it is. For example, in the video there are two metal bars one hot and one cold. The hot bar has molecules that are moving erratically while the… Read more »

Thoughts on In Defense of Food

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  This was a very interesting lesson, I have been trying to eat healthier and learn about nutrition this past year. After reading the book many of the questions I had about health became clear. For example, why are there so many differing opinions on health? Because we don’t know as much as we think we do about nutrition. I… Read more »