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Water is the new Oil

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Water is the new oil…meaning that moving forward conflicts over resources will concern water.  The finite amount of water, growing world population and continued climate change will force us to make some tough decisions in the near future.  One of these tough decisions involves poppy farmers in Afghanistan.  It is easy and not necessarily wrong to conclude that growing poppy… Read more »

Throwing Away Oil

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During the past few weeks, we have learned a lot of important concepts about where our food comes from and what we sacrifice in order to keep food on our tables.  I found it very interesting and a bit daunting to learn about the amount of petroleum that it takes to make our mass production of food possible.  Petroleum is… Read more »


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The growth of the human population has always been centered on a civilization’s ability to cultivate crops. Regardless of the Malthusian or the Cornucopian perspective, the trend between the agricultural revolution and the growth of the human population directly parallels technological growth. In terms of sustainable systems most of the world is still in developmental stages today, giving us high… Read more »