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Holy Hemp!

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The political ecology of today’s world food system is continuously being shaped by countless influential factors. The world food system is in an utter state of imbalance in terms of waste and environmental degradation. The foundation from which these issues arise can be traced back to governmental and social dimensions and or decisions that took place in the recent past…. Read more »


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The growth of the human population has always been centered on a civilization’s ability to cultivate crops. Regardless of the Malthusian or the Cornucopian perspective, the trend between the agricultural revolution and the growth of the human population directly parallels technological growth. In terms of sustainable systems most of the world is still in developmental stages today, giving us high… Read more »

Why Should We Fear Fake Food?

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The industrialization of the world food system evolved the way we produce food on a large scale and has shaped the modern day perception of the Western diet. Since the creation of preservatives we have been able to keep more food on shelves for much longer periods of time, if not indefinitely.  The effect of these food preserving chemicals are… Read more »