Fossil Fuels and You

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After reflecting on my connection and my relation to fossil fuels, I find that I feel like a tiny cog in the massive system that is highly stuck in its ways. Many scientists, engineers, and forward-thinkers have been working on alternative resources in order to slow the use of nonrenewable resources like petroleum. As I look around though it does not seem like there is much of a difference between today and two years ago. Over population in large cities leads to

Over population in large cities leads to the abundant use of fossil fuels on a daily basis. Commuters travel alone regularly for over an hour one-way to get to work and that is viewed as “part of the job.” My partner walks to work, but many do not have that opportunity. Their climate, housing, or even their city’s streets cannot accommodate people walking or riding their bike to work.

Whenever I begin to think of how we can truly make a change and slow the effects of the over use of fossil fuels, I cannot help but feel a bit hopeless. Every single person contributes to the use of valuable resources and without a change in the entire system, this will continue until there are none left.

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