Millions of Hungry People

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While reading about the cause of the Irish and Indian famines this week which killed millions of people, I continually asked myself, “How could they so brazenly end these people’s lives?” How could a few powerful people so apathetically decide the fate for millions of innocent people. As I wondered about this question something struck me and I wondered, is this really any different than what we do today? Millions of people around the world go hungry every day, and here in the developed world we mindlessly throw away enough food to feed them all. Are we really any better than those leaders who cut off food to India or Ireland? Does it matter than we aren’t wasting food intentionally but simply out of our own ignorance? Either way, the fact of the matter is we are wasting food that could help to improve the lives of millions of people. I hope as a society we can find better ways to prevent waste and help those that need it the most.

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