Morning Glory

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The time-lapse film showing seed germination, by Neil Bromhall, was my favorite video from this course. The short video is mesmerizing; it beautifully captures the precious beginning of various plant life as new sprouts emerge from the soil’s surface.

I began gardening a year and a half ago. At the time, it was an unlikely hobby for me, but a welcome meditative practice during an emotionally difficult time. I quickly grew very fond of plant life. Creating green, living connections with the earth from seemingly inert seeds is an incredible synergistic experience. I continue to garden today, although my hobby is presenting confined to the interior of my apartment. Growing flowers and produce from tiny seeds helps me ground myself in connection with the earth, my body, and our collective ecological life cycle.

Morning glory is currently my favorite. It’s resilient, ardent (and tough to kill!) vines trickle through my apartment, reminding me of myself and my journey. I have several separate pots of it, all of which have yet to bloom. I am finally beginning to flourish in my existence, exploding newfound color into previously dark and dismal corners of my life; I’m excited for the day my vines do the same.

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