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A Living System at Each Level

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Each component of the global food system depends on a healthy planet. What is a healthy planet? It is not just the absence of air pollution, global warming, landfills, deforestation, oil spills, etc. A healthy planet, and therefore a healthy global food ecology (socially, politically, environmentally) also boils down to healthy dirt, nutrient-rich soil and water, microbial symbiosis… all sorts… Read more »

Systems of Balance

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The ancient wisdom presented by Anupam Mishra his TED Talk showcased a number of things. Not least of those is the contrast in thinking between the time tested solutions that still work, that were designed and built on the foundation of community, and the money grubbing greed that compels Ivy league institutions and other universities to “invest” in African farmland…. Read more »

Seeds, Water, and Agriculture

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Seeds, water supply, and agriculture are all crucial parts of the global food system. As we learned in the last couple weeks, seeds go through a very detailed and intricate process to grow from a seed in the earth to a full plant, vegetable, fruit, etc. Abundant amounts of water are required to keep plants healthy and adequately nourished while… Read more »

Adaptation for a Changing World

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In Lessons eight and nine we looked at water and food, both of which are vital aspects of living. More specifically we saw how different parts of the world have adapted to their climates so that they can accommodate their needs. Many countries have found ways to fix their deficits, such as Israel who went from being one of the… Read more »