The Earth Will Survive

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The earth is a living system with incredible power to self-correct. Through our collective extraction and consumption of oil, we are accelerating the demise of our culture, at the cost to our survival. The warming of the planet caused by greenhouse gasses are enough that we are beginning to witness the effects now. The earth is responding to the altered factors of our human systems, and it is placing parts of humanity in peril.

With rising global temperatures, food is used as a tool of manipulation, at best, and for war at worst. The ability to shape the landscape, or the society, is hunger’s ability. It moves masses from their ancient lands into urban environments in search of food access. It moves armies in search of land to develop. It buries millions. Distribution appears to be the primary culprit in the experience of hunger. It is politically or economically motivated, but always results in resources for the wealthy and scarcity for the vulnerable.

The relationship between land, food and oil cannot be escaped. Our current systems are incredibly dependent on oil, not only for techniques of preservation and transportation, but also as chemical fertilizers which trick the soil into supporting more food production without the necessity of sustainable practices.  Unfortunately, the petroleum based fertilizer products have the effect of poisoning our bodies, and their consumption has the effect of poisoning our air. The consequence of this consumption is global warming, and we are losing time to correct the system.

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