What is in a Meal?

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The past couple weeks of our lessons have inspired me to think about how much of our current diet is necessary. I have wondered if we need all the food we are eating and if we do, are we even get enough nutrition from the food in an average American diet. My partner and I currently switched 30% of our meals to Soylent, a soy-based liquid meal that contains 20% of a person’s daily required nutrition. If we were to switch all current food over to this product, how much money, time, energy, and calories would we be saving?

I think it is possible that in our near future, more and more people will switch over to this form of a meal plan because it is quick, easy, cheap, and above all nutritious. So many of the quick and inexpensive meals currently on the market on packed with sodium, fat, and are extremely high in carbohydrates. It is worth it to hypothesize how this form of meal plan would change the industrialized food industry and how it may affect our ecosystem. Without the industrialization of meat alone, we would be changing the course of the environment by an enormous amount.

This form of eating would also enable people who are unable to afford current nutritious meals to maintain the full nutrients required to live a healthy life. These could affordably and easily be distributed in countries that are unable to feed their citizens because of a lack of resources.

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