Does Organic Mean Healthy?

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Recently due to the advancements in technology it has become more common to hear on the news or read articles about GMOs and other food modifications. This kind of food industrialization is not something new. According to Michael Pollan’s novel, In Defense of Food, food modification has been occurring for many centuries. In our society modifying foods has become the answer to making our diets healthier and in the end it has just gotten worse. Our demand of food has increased and food producers have had to use things like GMOs to meet the demands. A huge problem that we have today is that not just the government but people themselves are focused on their own self-interests that we ignore the effects it has on the rest of society.

With the increase in food modification it has led many people to believe that going green or buying organic is the healthiest food source. People have become so obsessed with the idea of being healthy that,“…more and more patients are suffering from an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating” (Pollan, 80).This has caused people to develop a high sense of body consciousness and people now believe that they have to eat a certain way in order to be ‘healthy’ and to fulfill their nutritional needs. Before taking a nutrition class a few years ago I was one of those people that believed that buying expensive organic food was healthier than purchasing the “cheaper” options.

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