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The Hoodia Rap Song

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***Click HERE to take a listen — Hoodia Rap*** Here is a rap song I wrote from the contemplative practice about industrialized food process, hunger, and its aftermath. The Hoodia plant grows naturally in the southern region of Africa. The San people traditionally consume the bitter plant as an appetite suppressant, to help survive in desert conditions where food resources… Read more »

Contemplating Grapes

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Michael Pollan states in his book In Defense of Food “Health is, among other things, the product of being in these sorts of relationships in a food chain…if the soil is sick or in some way deficient, so will be the grasses that grow in that soil and the cattle that eat the grasses and the people who drink the… Read more »

Amazon: ‘Donating’ Food Waste to Families Experiencing Homelessness in Seattle.

During Mattieu’s lecture, the tweet about Amazon really stood out to me. It made me think of the AmazonGO store, and then about how they donate their expiring foods to the homeless shelter where I work. Which lead me to take a look at the social implications of donating expiring food to those who cannot afford to buy it. Looking… Read more »

Does Organic Mean Healthy?

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Recently due to the advancements in technology it has become more common to hear on the news or read articles about GMOs and other food modifications. This kind of food industrialization is not something new. According to Michael Pollan’s novel, In Defense of Food, food modification has been occurring for many centuries. In our society modifying foods has become the… Read more »

Reframing “Real Food” with Supply Chains

It’s amazing how many different places our food comes from. We don’t think about it because it’s so easy to take it for granted – we eat food every day. But the entire process is insane. Suppliers, producers, resellers, transporters, and more. (full size image here)   Now look at the supply chain for Annie’s Mac n Cheese. (full size image… Read more »

The Emerging of Fast Food Industry and Obesity in Vietnam

Due to my experience growing up in the emerging fast food industry period in Vietnam. Nutritionism is not only the problem in the United States but also in developing countries, Southeast Asia, Vietnam. Recently, Vietnam’s first McDonald’s restaurant officially opened in 2014, a vast of people lined up to try the most iconic American meal. The McDonald restaurants also offer… Read more »