Back to the traditional way of farming? Or industrialization?

When the history ever been recorded, there is nothing like “my dinner is from the factory in somewhere around the world and all I need to do is put in the oven for three minutes”. Does it sounds familiar to you? Nowadays, yes, it says everything about people’s eating habit. We used to grow our own vegetables; we used to feed our own poultry; we used to collect food from the forest, ocean. But in 21th century, we seem them as savage.

After industrialization, stock raising, agriculture and the ways we used to produce and prepare food is different. People get busier (under capitalism), less free time, and food industry is highly dependent on the machines. In affect, all the ingredients, drinks we purchased daily are bring processed or added with industrial and science product. However, we already used to this kind of living style and consider the nutrition label printed on the food is literally what it composed.

It does not mean industrialization is negative. What if we decrease the amount of food that is processed from factory and once more, return to the age when we produce the food naturally? After all, this way of production is benefit for our only motherland –earth. People may argue the supply will be insufficient and cannot fulfill the market. However, without pesticide, chemical fertilizer, and inhuman way of slaughter, feed animal, we and the earth’s consistent will improved, the soil’s ability of permanent farming improved, air polluted improved and the country’s expense on insurance and externalities will improved.

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