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The Problem of Food Waste

For our action project, my group and I focused on food waste, as it is a very prominent problem in the world food system. We wanted to tackle this problem both locally and globally to inform the public on what food waste is, how it is a problem, how it impacts the global community, and how students can take action… Read more »

Contemplating What Your Food Goes Through Before it Reaches Your Plate

Before this class, I had never had a professor engage students in contemplative practices. In fact, I had never heard of such a thing, so when Professor Litfin handed us raisins, turned off the lights, and read us a poem I was initially confused. Although, while sitting with the raisin in my mouth, I began to think “what goes into… Read more »

Back to the traditional way of farming? Or industrialization?

When the history ever been recorded, there is nothing like “my dinner is from the factory in somewhere around the world and all I need to do is put in the oven for three minutes”. Does it sounds familiar to you? Nowadays, yes, it says everything about people’s eating habit. We used to grow our own vegetables; we used to… Read more »