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MEAT!! Through this project our group had one goal and that was meat. How meat affects our ecosystem, how meat affected our diets, and how meat affects everything. Through this exploration we as a group explored the harsh truth about cow meat in America, that it takes a whopping 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of ground beef, and if all of our agricultural cows were to be grazing grass fed we would have to use all the land of this continent to just feed the amount of beef that we consume. Along with that we have discovered all the alternatives that we could take to basically go vegan, like alternative scrambled eggs made from vegetables, to milk extracted from nuts. We also discovered that the biggest greenhouse emission that pollutes the air wasn’t from our cars but rather from the wastes produced from all of our agriculture, and to better that, none of the environmental activists groups covered this as one of the components to pollution. What actions our group decided to take were to host a panel with local sustainable farm owners and create questions for them to answer about how, locally we can all go sustainable but as with almost everybody else in the class our plans did not work out. We had one of our group members drop the course halfway through, who of which was our connection to the farm owner, so we decided to still hold the panel but screen the movie “cowspiracy” and invite as much people as possible and hold our own sort of panel. But nobody came so we were just sitting in this empty room just left to look at eachother and rethink what we could have done better. With this group project I learned a lot of lessons, one being how to coordinate with a group of classmates outside of class and organize something, if anything that would be one big thing I could takeaway from this project.

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