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MEAT!! Through this project our group had one goal and that was meat. How meat affects our ecosystem, how meat affected our diets, and how meat affects everything. Through this exploration we as a group explored the harsh truth about cow meat in America, that it takes a whopping 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of ground beef,… Read more »


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In this course of contemplative practices, the it has opened up my eyes to different kind of learning, and how effective or ineffective they can be, for example I was able to connect to most of the practices on a full scale and about one of them not so much. The best contemplative practices were the ones with the tangible… Read more »

Is There Really a Difference In Generations?

The biggest thing that sticks with this whole thing is what our definition of “healthy” is, as it has changed with more science on the nutrition is being released. And I can understand where the author is coming from with the decrease in actual food with the processed replacements, as rather getting the proper “nutrients” instead of the proper food…. Read more »