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Stormwater, man, watch out. In Seattle it rains aaaall the time. When it does, all the gunk, oil, trash, toxins, and nasty stuff gets picked up by the rain and carried into the sewer system. Really old sewer systems, like Seattle’s, send rainwater to the same place as sewage. That means that when it rains a ton, it overflows the… Read more »

Contemplative Practice

It’s always good to take a step back. There’s so much to think about, we can’t possibly think about it all. Contemplative practices let you zone in on one specific thing and really give it some thought, or think about the connectedness of different things. Food is an especially crazy thing to think about in depth. Where does it come… Read more »

Reframing “Real Food” with Supply Chains

It’s amazing how many different places our food comes from. We don’t think about it because it’s so easy to take it for granted – we eat food every day. But the entire process is insane. Suppliers, producers, resellers, transporters, and more. (full size image┬áhere)   Now look at the supply chain for Annie’s Mac n Cheese. (full size image… Read more »