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Food Conscientiousness Can Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is an on-going affair that plagues all parties involved with the food system in either a direct or in-direct manner. My group’s interest in food waste arose when we heard the stat that 15% reduction in food waste could feed 25 million more Americans each year. To put that into another context, that means that food insecurity in… Read more »

The Who is as Important as the Where

A large majority of people within the United States are capable of walking into a grocery store, grabbing what is needed for their dinner that evening, and leaving without consciously considering the impact that food product had on another person’s life. Thinking contemplatively about where our food comes from isn’t a common practice, and if we rarely consider where our… Read more »

Are Supplements Really As Necessary As We’ve Been Led To Believe?

Claims from nutritionists and scientists that our diets are missing key nutritional content is one of the largest factors driving the supplement industry. The supplement industry feeds off of these statements to push their alleged health claims on the public, and consumers often dogmatism approach to health makes it even easier to sell their supplement products (whether or not they’re… Read more »