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The Who is as Important as the Where

A large majority of people within the United States are capable of walking into a grocery store, grabbing what is needed for their dinner that evening, and leaving without consciously considering the impact that food product had on another person’s life. Thinking contemplatively about where our food comes from isn’t a common practice, and if we rarely consider where our… Read more »

Contemplating Chocolate

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Throughout our time in class, we have participated in numerous contemplative practices, enveloping the themes of industrialized food, living systems and interdependence, hunger, and more. However, the one that stood out to me the most was the practice involving the chocolate, and the lesson surrounding international trade and global inequities. What intrigued me the most about this contemplative practice was… Read more »

Dark Chocolate

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I’ve never liked milk chocolate; it’s too sweet, too rich, and I often find myself wishing that it was more bitter, a little saltier, mixed with caramel, or a different food entirely. Preferences differ widely; everyone has foods that if possible, they’d steer clear of without exception. Until recently, I hadn’t thought twice about my preference for dark chocolate, it… Read more »

My Bitter-Sweet Relationship with Chocolate

Our contemplative practice with chocolate in Lecture 7 left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. This may be because we were ingesting raw cocoa nibs, but it was mostly due to the new information I received from this lecture that was difficult to digest. Prior to this contemplative practice, I loved eating, or baking/cooking with chocolate. I’ve always… Read more »