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Group Action Project Reflection

My group did our action project on the topic of trade.  We were originally going to conduct a faculty panel, but about a week after we’d decided on this it was announced that a faculty panel on the topic of trade was going to be hosted by the University.  We then decided that we would just have grad students and… Read more »

The Dehydrated Grape is More Than a Dehydrated Grape

Partaking in the contemplative practices is an interesting experience.  I’ve found that it requires me to step back and not take myself too seriously.  It’s kind of ridiculous in the same way that volunteering at a preschool is.  Sometimes you have to do weird dances or walk like a bear with preschoolers, and I feel the same inhibitions in these… Read more »

Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” is Problematic

Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” is problematic.  He identifies key food issues we face today and their causes.  This is important, but his supposed ‘solutions’ are subpar at best. He pushes for individualized effort, but just like many other issues we face currently, the issue of food has become systemic, so individual efforts will have little to no effect. … Read more »