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Action Projects for Ecological Justice

What’s your water footprint? / Image found on Max Pixel (CC0) Most classes throughout my collegiate experience have, for the final tests of the quarter, subjected me to either long essays or arduous exams. Certainly, these have been somewhat conducive to my learning–writing and time-crunch skills are those that definitely don’t stop being used in life. That said, I had definitely… Read more »

Group Action Project Reflection

My group did our action project on the topic of trade.  We were originally going to conduct a faculty panel, but about a week after we’d decided on this it was announced that a faculty panel on the topic of trade was going to be hosted by the University.  We then decided that we would just have grad students and… Read more »

Action Project: Stormwater

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For my action project, my group focused on the issue of stormwater. We held an educational outreach event on Red Square; two posters were prepared for our event, one detailing the issue of stormwater and the other detailing potential systemic and individual solutions. While our posters held some information relating stormwater to our class, much of that information was to… Read more »

Global Topics to Local Action

At first, I was cautious about whether my groupmates and I were all on board to focus on Food Security as our topic.  I worried that I would not be able to contribute as much as I would like due to my lack of knowledge about the field, as well as the wide variety of politics surrounding food as I learned… Read more »

Taking Action Against Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an issue that plagues most of the impoverished people of the world today (HDCs included). Due to this, I decided to join with 4 other individuals in combating food insecurity. The main objectives of our group were simple: find stores or restaurants which would normally throw away extra food, and use that food to create a shared… Read more »

Water: The Essence of Life

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Water is literally the essence of life. It is the most important substance on earth for us humans as our body needs the nourishment to function. Despite such importance, we rarely pay attention to it until our body starts to show signs of dehydration—the feeling of thirst.  The intake of water is essential on a regular basis, but we usually take… Read more »

From Global to Local: The Scales of Food Access

Anybody who has considered food accessibility can tell you that it is a complex issue. Our group looked at food access from a global standpoint, addressing questions such as how to end world hunger and the complexities of “free trade”. We have learned that globally, developed countries send their surplus, very cheap food to developing countries with the tagline that… Read more »