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Bringing ‘The Question of Meat’ to UW’s HUB

On Thursday May 24th, the five of us (Angelina, Chloe, Bailey, Rori, and myself) talked with students, faculty, and passerby in front of over two-hundred and fifty cups strung and swinging in the light breeze. The cups were an overwhelming visual, and the DUB Street burger centered underneath our installation provided a tempting smell for dogs straining on their leashes…. Read more »

For Busy-Bee College Students, Professor Litfin Offers an Alternative Approach

Busyness has become a virtue in western society – a society that demands constant productivity as a means for constant consumption. The lack of “free-time” and an ever-expanding market of distractions discourages the practice of mindfulness, but when it comes to our habits of consumption, particularly of food, the lack of careful contemplation can leave us ignorant to the larger… Read more »

If You Didn’t Farm Today, Who Did?

Industrialized Food and the Problem of Supermarkets While farmer’s markets and community gardens may be on the rise in U.S. cities, the vast majority of U.S. households still buy their food from chain supermarkets and supercenters, regardless of income level. Supermarkets provide a fast and accessible way to satisfy your hunger – one twenty minute trip can provide everything from… Read more »