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If You Didn’t Farm Today, Who Did?

Industrialized Food and the Problem of Supermarkets While farmer’s markets and community gardens may be on the rise in U.S. cities, the vast majority of U.S. households still buy their food from chain supermarkets and supercenters, regardless of income level. Supermarkets provide a fast and accessible way to satisfy your hunger – one twenty minute trip can provide everything from… Read more »

Where’s the Beef, in the Freezer? An Objection to Pollan’s Diet of Frozen Steer With Purslane!

Since the 2017 fall quarter, my friends and I have been working out regularly at the IMA, putting in about 1-2 hours every day.  There, we often overhear conversations about fats, carbs, and proteins. We also talk about food a lot, and we never realized we acquired a different way of talking and thinking when it comes to food.  What… Read more »

Chocolate Ice Cream for Dinner

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My previous understanding of the holistic consequences of the Western diet was drastically challenged by Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. Specifically, Pollan argues that analyzing the Western diet in terms of the chemical compounds of separate nutrients does not fully represent the habits and norms of the food culture itself. Often, the harmful effects of the tendencies of Western… Read more »