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From Global to Local: The Scales of Food Access

Anybody who has considered food accessibility can tell you that it is a complex issue. Our group looked at food access from a global standpoint, addressing questions such as how to end world hunger and the complexities of “free trade”. We have learned that globally, developed countries send their surplus, very cheap food to developing countries with the tagline that… Read more »

Contemplating Hunger

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How do you feel when you are hungry? Do you get quiet, impatient, how well can you focus? Sitting in class with my trivial hunger sitting deep in my stomach, I had a hard time relaxing, focusing. I found my thoughts wandering to what I was going to eat for lunch. Contemplating hunger in class was very powerful because I… Read more »

Greenwashing our Way to Complacency

To those who may be unfamiliar, greenwashing is a marketing tactic that promotes products as “green” or “healthy” without holding any real benefit to the consumer, the environment, or greater social equity.  As mentioned by Jennifer McNulty, “‘buying green’ offers little real defense against environmental hazards and may pose an even greater threat by lulling people into a false sense… Read more »